Mimi van Dijk is the founder and creative brain behind Mimi et Toi. Designed to challenge how we view jewelry, her collections illustrate her love for the connection between art, travel and architecture.
After traveling the world, creating her own jewelry, Mimi returned to Amsterdam where she founded Mimi et Toi in 2009. Until today Mimi still travels often; one of her frequent destinations being Paris.
Convinced of the timeless elegance, strength and authenticity of pearls, Mimi creates pieces that combine minimalism and character. Her love for pearls started in her youth, when she fell in love with her grandmother’s pearl necklaces.
Besides pearls Mimi also has big love for stones, crystals and raw shapes. Her authentic designs never go out of style. Each design creates a sense of belonging to allow the wearer to express their uniqueness.
In 2019 Mimi founded MAISON MIMI ET TOI, along with friend and colleague Joni Hopman, who was already her right-hand in Mimi et Toi.
Maison Mimi et Toi is where Mimi’s love for eau de parfum, bags, interior design, architecture, linen, home deco come together.
Maison also provides interior design styling advice.
Besides the Netherlands Mimi et Toi is represented by agents in Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, UK and Ireland.
For more information email Joni at sales@mimiettoi.com.
Mimi et Toi is often featured in global magazines such as Vogue, Jalouse, Elle, Marie-Claire and Harper’s Bazaar & is also often seen on Dutch celebs.
To get a little sense of Mimi’s world and style follow her on Instagram @mimiettoi.
Mimi & Joni